Learn anything, anytime, anyspeed.

Speed up your videos to save time!
Slow down your videos to improve understanding!

Anytube and Anytube Lite, a free ad-supported version, are Now Available in the App Store!

App Store

I would have paid $50 for this app and felt it was a bargain.


Saves Time!

Anytube saves you time by providing a customizable playback rate up to 2 times faster. Watch twice as much content in the same amount of time!


Quick Study!

Only have 5 minutes? Anytube helps you figure out what to watch. A quick glance at the video listing tells you how much time you need to watch a video at your desired playback speed.


Fun to use!

Anytube provides a unique and fun gesture driven playback control experience. Most playback features are available at the swipe of a finger (or two).


Learn It!

Learning a new language? Having trouble understanding the lecturer? Catch the details by slowing the video down. Speeding up or slowing down, learn anything, anytime, anyspeed.

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